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About Adventure Pals

Adventure Pals is a weekly radio program produced by Christian Children’s Associates, Inc. Especially focused for children ages 4 – 14, it is a program the entire family can enjoy. Adventure Pals has been used by God to bring many precious boys, girls and adults to a saving knowledge of our Lord.

The weekly Adventure Pals Radio programs are co-hosted by Uncle Bill and Miss Faith. Uncle Bill (a.k.a. Rev. William H. Cook) also serves as President & Executive Director of the ministry.

How We Work

God has given Christian Children’s Associates a unique and fantastic ministry. We are a media ministry broadcasting the Gospel around the world 24/7. We reach children right where they are: in their homes, their cars, their favorite places… anywhere there is a radio or smart device. This allows us to reach out across the globe with the message of Christ’s love and his offer of salvation.

Our primary outreach is the Adventure Pals radio broadcast, but this is only the beginning. We want to build relationships with our Pals by encouraging them to communicate with us through snail mail and e-mail. We receive letters daily, telling us of our impact on children’s lives, of the needs of many families, and the hope that Christ has brought to many boys and girls.

Our primary growth outreach is a Bible Correspondence course (again, check out the sidebar for a sample), offered free to those who ask for it. It is currently in use by several mission groups, outreach programs, and even christian schools as a means to help God’s children of all ages to better understand His Word.

In addition to this course, our monthly magazine, ‘Kid’s Talk’ (free .pdf for printout available on the sidebar), is another means by which we can engage and teach children around the world. With special activities, audience submissions, and articles that reach deeper than our stories, ‘Kid’s Talk’ compliments our radio ministry with a much more active medium.


Founded by “Miss Jean” Donaldson in 1968, and incorporated under Christian Children’s Associates in 1973, Adventure Pals is the outreach of a non-profit organization, existing entirely by the donations of our audience and supporters.

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